Advisor Relationships that Work

John Boitnott, VP of Business Development at CircleClick, talks all about startup advisors, from the role they play, to their spectrum of involvement in a company, to the kinds of people who should consider taking on the position.

John is an advisor himself, and has worked with many along the way. He joins us to offer nearly 30 minutes of wisdom and insight into one of Silicon Valley’s most coveted — yet most frequently misunderstood — roles.

Successful Startup Demo Strategies

Sometimes a table is more than just a table. When startups demo at tables — whether at #sfbeta, FailCon, or, in this case, Pitch ’13 — amazing things can happen.

Duane Nason is the founder of Pitch ’13, an all-day startup extravaganza taking place at the Club House at AT&T Park on September 19, 2013.

In addition to offering tours of the legendary ballpark, along with access to the stadium’s famous gourmet concession stands (it’s SF, after all), more than 2000 founders, investors, and technologists will join over 100 up-and-coming startups, along with leading authors, for an unforgettable day in startup history.

In this @sfbeta On Air video, Duane shares his thoughts and secrets on how startups can be successful through event marketing, and offers tips and advice on who should participate, and when. Considering that startups from the last Pitch event went on to raise more than $159 million, his advice is well worth listening to.

Learn more about Pitch ’13.