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Hosted by Christian Perry, @sfbeta On Air is a YouTube interview series featuring live, unscripted, unfiltered talks with founders and technologists from the world over.

Newest Episodes

Dual-Platform App Strategies
Using native code built for your iOS app, Apportable cross-compiles your code to Android, allowing app developers to embrase a dual-platform strategy based on Objective C. Guests include Co-Founder & CTO Ian Fisher, Enginner Adam Hunter, and Engineer Zac Bowling.

Financial Advice for Bootstrapped Founders
In an interview with the CEO (Jason Gordo) and Marketing Director (Sarah Buhr) of San Francisco startup FlexScore, we discuss the wide world of personal finance, and dive into the ways that FlexScore is bringing financial insight to the 99%, information previously only available to the wealthy.

Advisor Relationships That Work
John Boitnott, VP of Business Development at CircleClick, talks all about startup advisors, from the role they play, to their spectrum of involvement in a company, to the kinds of people who should consider taking on the position.

The Revolution Will Be Wearable
In anticipation of the largest wearable computing conference since Google I/O, we invited Kyle Ellicot, co-founder of Stained Glass Labs and Producer of the Glazed conference, to join us for an @sfbeta On Air panel with Kyle Samani, Founder of Pristine.io, and Peter Berger, founder of PeoplePlus.

The 111 Minna Story
On the eve of their twentieth anniversary celebration, Eiming Jung and Michelle Delaney of 111 Minna Gallery joined me to share stories from their long and celebrated history.

Accelerating Business Goals with Vidcaster
Vidcaster helps organizations and enterprises manage, measure, and optimize videos on their sites. We’re joined by two members of the Vidcaster team, Erik Koland and Ryan Kubin, to talk about the company’s past, future, and how they help some amazing clients, including AirBNB and MIT. We also discuss the challenges, both technical and cultural, of selling to enterprises, verses SMBs.

Featured Espisodes: Innovation in Boston and NYC

In celebration of our two east coast #sfbeta events, we proudly feature four @sfbeta On Air interviews with guests from Boston and New York City.

Lean Enterprise Product Development (w/ Jeff Gothelf)
Jeff Gothelf, Managing Director of Neo and author of Lean UX (O’Reilly Publishing), joins us from New York City to to discuss the emergence of the Lean Enterprise, and how large organizations can (and do) embrace the cultural, organization, and methodological principals made famous by Eric Ries.

What’s Brewing in Boston?
Our first panel-style @sfbeta On Air discussion offers an in-depth look at Boston’s friendly, welcoming, and fast-growing startup scene, told from the perspective of three of its most active participants.

Live From New York’s Startup Scene (w/ Michael Gold)
I join my friend and business partner Michael Gold, founder of #techdrinkup, to discuss the NYC Tech scene, the SF Tech scene, #techdrinkup, the next big thing, beer, pizza, and the mobile generation.

Community Management for Fun & Profit (w/ Erika Gordon)
Erika Gordon, speaking on behalf of rewards app Mobee, shares her story about what inspired her to join the fast-growing Boston-based startup, and what her daily life is like as a Community Manager. We talk about the importance of building user communities both online and off, and the crucial role that customer service plays in building a loyal userbase.

Featured Episodes: Founder Stories

Founder Stores features in-depth talks with founding teams, celebrating their lives, accomplishments, and challenges overcome — along with the topics and ideas that make them most passionate.

Interview with Oliver Roup, CEO, VigLink
Oliver Roup shares his in-depth story on how his startup, VigLink, is revolutionizing the affiliate link marketplace. We discuss a broad range of topics, including the mobile web, link insertion, platform scalability, relationship management, and much more.

Open Source Business Models (w/ Breck Yunits)
Open is the new better. In this riveting talk, Breck Yunits, Co-Founder & CEO of NudgePad, discusses the fast-changing landscape of open-source software startups, driven by the Mozilla WebFWD incubator.

Sales Strategies for Startups (w/ Matthew Bellows)
A good sales strategy can make or break a startup. To learn more, I talked with Matthew Bellows, Founder & CEO of Yesware.

Interview with Sahil Jain, CEO, AdStage
AdStage launched its pioneering adtech startup at this year’s LAUNCH festival, to widespread critical acclaim. Co-Founder and CEO Sahil Jain joins me to discuss his company, and provide a sweeping look at the fast-expanding world of ad platforms.

Secrets of Product Management (w/ Cindy Solomon)
Everyone should be able to manage a product to success. Cindy Solomon, founder and host of the Global Product Management Talk, shares her insight and wisdom in the very first episode of @sfbeta On Air.

Let’s Talk About Twitter (w/ Jessica Gomez)
Jessica Gomez, founder of publicity.im, joins me for a lively and impromptu conversation about all things Twitter, from brand management to burritos to chance encounters with futurist Ray Kurzweil.

Additional Episodes

Screenshot 2013-09-26 at 10.48.02 PMFOMO for Mobile Marketing (w/ Anne Ward)
It’s of increasing importance to optimize one’s site for the mobile web, and leverage the mobile web for marketing. Anne Ward, Editor in Chief of Mobile FOMO, shares her insights into the field, from the startups she likes to the challenges she’s helping people solve.

Screenshot 2013-09-26 at 10.42.26 PMInside the Yammer Platform (w/ Drew DIllon)
Last year, Yammer launched its developer platform to the world. We talk with Drew Dillon, Director of Platform, about the revolutionary new platform and the opportunities it offers for freemium, third-party developers to reach a social enterprise audience.

Screenshot 2013-09-26 at 10.39.06 PMAttending Your First Tech Event
With so many events to attend, and so many people to meet, how can you break into the tech scene without losing your mind? We’re joined by tech event legends Cass Phillips (FailCon) and Krystyl Baldwin (TwestivalSocial Media Prom) for an extensive 35-minute chat.

Screenshot 2013-09-26 at 10.37.38 PMTowards a Post-Copyright Regime (w/ Nick Liow)
What does the the future of the Open Web look like? What role will evolving copyright law play in making digital content more shareable? Which open source license rules them all? To answer these questions, and many more, we interview Nick Liow, Mozilla WebFWD alumni and Co-Founder of Commonly.

Screenshot 2013-09-26 at 10.29.20 PMNetworking Beyond the Handshake (w/ Cesar Plata)
Speaking from the heart, Cesar Plata, Founder of EveryCircle, shares his time-tested secrets on how to network successfully by build lasting, reciprocal, and enduring connections. From the first impression to the follow-up to the lifelong relationship, we discuss how to make the most of networking events, a process that begins by putting others first and helping them succeed.

Screenshot 2013-09-26 at 10.27.56 PMA Modern Approach to Enterprise Identity (w/ Ryan Carlson)
IT is rapidly evolving. Ryan Carlson, Director of Product Marketing for Okta, talks about the emerging enterprise landscape, and how his startup, Okta — now working with 350 companies — helps manage the transition.

Screenshot 2013-09-26 at 10.25.20 PMBranding 101 for Hackers
What makes a brand? What stories can a brand tell? Branding and marketing expert Stuart McFaul, founder of SpiralGroup, dives into extensive detail in this in-depth interview.

Screenshot 2013-09-26 at 10.23.20 PM

Inside PayPal Developer Network (w/ Jonathan LeBlanc)
We interview Jonathan LeBlanc, Head of Developer Evangelism (North America) at PayPal, discussing why he joined the company, how he thinks PayPal is trying to change, and even the role technology can play in addressing global hunger.

Cross-Platform App Development (w/ Daniel Vocke)Screenshot 2013-09-26 at 10.21.27 PM
Building on one platform isn’t always enough. Daniel Vocke, Co-Founder & CEO of OnAirPlayer, provides an in-depth look at cross-platform development, with an eye towards Android.