The Kloudless Interview, featuring Eliot Sun

As more and more files move into the cloud, keeping track of them, and tying them all together, can be a nightmare — particularly since each cloud storage provider, like Box, DropBox, and so on, operates in a fragmented, non-standardized universe, requiring hours (if not months) of time to integrate them all together.

Kloudless, which launched at TechCrunch Disrupt NYC in 2013, is “the last cloud storage API you’ll ever need.” The fast-growing open source platform, which now supports more than 2,500 clients, allows developers and organizations to connect with (and between) nine of the largest cloud storage providers — using just a single line of code.

Based out of Berkeley, CA, a block away from the college campus where the co-founding team originally met, I joined Eliot Sun for a wide-ranging 27-minute @sfbeta On Air interview, where we discuss Kloudless, the state of the modern cloud, and the remarkable story of the team’s six-year journey.

In addition to discussing Kloudless in depth, along with Eliot’s personal story as a founder, we chat about a lot of topics — life as a startup in Berkeley (where the sun is always shining, and rent is 60% cheaper than SoMa), opportunities at the edge of cloud technology, the rise and fall of location-based mobile apps, and more. We even coin a new hashtag: #MiddlewareIsTheNewOpenWeb.

Watch the full Kloudless interview on YouTube, or simply enjoy it in embedded above.



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