Codementor Introduces One-on-One Help for Frustrated DIY Programmers

There are better ways to enjoy your laptop.

There are better ways to enjoy your laptop.

Online programmer education is enjoying a renaissance, led in no small part by NYC-based CodeAcademy. But those struggling to learn codecraft on their own may often find themselves lost in a well-known quandary: #TWYGS — or, the Time When You Get Stuck.

Reported today in TechCrunch, Codementor, a new startup out of Seattle-based TechStars, extends a branch to those stuck on TWYGS. By introducing live video chat with experienced developers, along with side-by-side screens to pair program, Codementor offers aspiring developers the next step in online education.

The startup, founded by YCombinator alumni Weiting Liu, curated a pool of 500 experts from a field of over 2,500 candidates. Each expert was vetted, in part, on their profiles on LinkedIn, CodeAcademy, and Stack Overflow.

Codementor joins a competitive field of startups offering similar services, include AirPair and HackHands. Liu says the company hopes to distinguish itself with an incremental pricing model that begins at just $10 for a 15-minute lesson.



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