The Interview: Three Clicks, Three Steps, and You’re Done

OAuth, the universal login protocol, was supposed to make life so easy — and now, thanks to, it does.

In the latest @sfbeta On Air interview, Webshell Co-Founder Mehdi Medjaoui tells the story of his life as a rising star in the open source startup universe.

With the power of a simple API, powers integration with over 100 Oauth providers. The process involves three lines of code, and takes about 90 seconds to complete, saving developers headaches, money, and most importantly — their sanity.

Built atop a major open source project, oauthd, relies on this open daemon, built from contributions of developers from across the world. The power of the daemon helps explain why more than 4000 apps already rely on, which streamlines and simplifies what can often be an unwieldy and cumbersome integration process.

Rather than embracing the defensive IP mentality of a proprietary thought regime, Mehdi sees open source as a core strategy to the success of his startup. While acknowledging a more guarded approach may yield better short-term results, Medhi believes that the long-term success of his company depends on the future of the web — and at, he’s jointly invested in both.

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Founder Stories: Razvan Roman & Radu Spineanu, Co-Founders, is an API that places orders on ecommerce platforms. App developers or publishers can allow their users to order millions of products from 3rd party retailers without leaving the app. Co-Founders Radu Spineanu and Radu Spineanu join us to talk about their company, the vision, and the process of building companies both in Romania (where they’re from) and Silicon Valley (where they’ve moved).

Dual-Platform App Strategies with Apportable

Using native code built for your iOS app, Apportable cross-compiles your code to Android, allowing app developers to embrase a dual-platform strategy based on Objective C. Guests include Co-Founder & CTO Ian Fisher, Engineer Adam Hunter, and Engineer Zac Bowling.

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Financial Advice for Bootstrapped Founders

In an interview with the CEO (Jason Gordo) and Marketing Director (Sarah Buhr) of San Francisco startup FlexScore, we discuss the wide world of personal finance, and dive into the ways that FlexScore is bringing financial insight to the 99%, information previously only available to the wealthy.

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The 111 Minna Story

On the eve of their twentieth anniversary celebration, Eiming Jung and Michelle Delaney of 111 Minna Gallery joined me to share stories from their long and celebrated history.

Opened when SOMA was a ghost town, before Yerba Buena gardens existed — let alone the coffee shops, thriving startup headquarters, and parklets — Eiming decided he wanted to open an art gallery.

What started as a simple home for art quickly evolved into a bar, a coffee shop, a private venue space, a thriving nightlife hub (with guests like Thievery Corporation and Moby, among others), and soon, a restaurant, all accompanying the venue’s extensive, floor-to-ceiling remodel that just took place this summer.

Minna has also become a veritable community space for San Francisco’s startup scene, hosting #sfbeta for more than six years, along with events for countless companies, including StumbleUpon, SixApart, eBay, and many more. The gallery’s now-central location has played a strong role in creating the vibrant hub around 2nd & Minna street, the neighborhood that many of the city’s best known tech companies call home.

We thank and celebrate 111 Minna and the amazing staff and team who make their magical space possible. Drop by anytime for art, amazing music, delicious coffee, and, of course, the next #sfbeta.