FTW! GaymerX2 Surpasses Kickstarter Goal in Under 24 Hours

GaymerX2, the LGBTQ-focused gaming convention in San Francisco, secured over $12,000 in Kickstarter pledges in less than a day, easily surpassing their fundraising goal of $10,000 — with a month still to go.

The event follows last year’s GaymerX convention, which drew over 2,300 gaymers from around the world. This year’s convention promises an even bigger event, with three times the square footage at the InterContinental, a centrally-located downtown venue.

As with many fandom conventions, GaymerX2 offers a wide variety of attractions and spectacles, including live musical performances, celebrity appearances, and a rumored demo of Read Only Memories, the queer cyberpunk adventure game developed by in-house studio MidBoss Games.

The convention, along with the game — not to mention a YouTube video series — stem from the prolific, visionary mind of founder Matt Conn, whose efforts have galvanized widespread awareness of the queer gaming community, bringing a tangible sense of community and solidarity to a group whose members often express feelings of marginalization in both the gaming community and the world at large.

Fans and allies can back the GaymerX2 Kickstarter for as little as $1, with early bird convention tickets starting at $59.

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*Sigh* Gorgeous men are so hard to come by in video games these days.

Original poster: Raise Up. HT Matt Conn:

“In time, the mainstream game publishers will wise up and realize that they’re leaving LGBT money on the table.

In the interim… you don’t have to sit by and wait for someone to develop the games you want to play. You can use the following tools to make and promote your own:

Blender: free, open-source 3d asset-creation software.
GiMP: free, open-source image-editing software.
Audacity: free audio editing software.
Unity: game-development engine there’s a free version of this as well.

Both Codeacademy and Khan Academy offer free video programming tutorials.
…and don’t forget about Indiegogo and Kickstarter (once you’ve developed your brand).

**This is your opportunity. Seize it.**!!!”

Original story: “Where are all the gay characters in video games?”