This GDC “SausageFest” is Actually… A Festival with Sausages

Developer cat is a developer.

Developer cat is a developer.

GDC, the annual game developer conference, is heating up in San Francisco — as are the bazillion parties oft dubbed “sausage fests” for their preponderance of dudely revelers. Realizing this, an ingenious company called Paymentwall is hosting a sausage fest of its own — but this time, there will actually be sausages.

The cleverly-titled SausageFest takes place tonight at the upscale San Francisco-based Supper Club — and oh, will there be supper. In addition to the obligatory scantily clad women in German regalia (*sigh*), the third annual festival features unlimited German sausages of all shapes and sizes, washed down with free-flowing pints (perhaps even litres?) of German beer.

Ve have vays of making you drink.

Ve have vays of making you drink.

According to Paymentwall’s CEO, Honor Gunday, the party will be set to a soundscape of German 80s music, along with a German oompah band. It is unclear whether the mashup geniuses of Bootie will be there to mix the two sounds together, but one can only speculate — and hope.

Paymentwall makes a suite of monetization services for mobile and social games, including subscriptions, offer walls, and in-game currency sales. The company helps free-to-play apps become profitable by incentivizing users to become customers, whether through actions they take, or purchases they make.

Appropriately enough, the SausageFest admission policy eats the dog food — so to speak — of its parent company’s philosophy. Attendees can either pay $10 for admission, or visit the Paymentwall booth at #2030 on the GDC convention floor to redeem a complimentary “MINT Card” for free admission.

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*Sigh* Gorgeous men are so hard to come by in video games these days.

Original poster: Raise Up. HT Matt Conn:

“In time, the mainstream game publishers will wise up and realize that they’re leaving LGBT money on the table.

In the interim… you don’t have to sit by and wait for someone to develop the games you want to play. You can use the following tools to make and promote your own:

Blender: free, open-source 3d asset-creation software.
GiMP: free, open-source image-editing software.
Audacity: free audio editing software.
Unity: game-development engine there’s a free version of this as well.

Both Codeacademy and Khan Academy offer free video programming tutorials.
…and don’t forget about Indiegogo and Kickstarter (once you’ve developed your brand).

**This is your opportunity. Seize it.**!!!”

Original story: “Where are all the gay characters in video games?”