Announcing the D2D Summit

Rather than targeting end-users or enterprises, a growing number of startups succeed with a developer-first strategy.

D2D Summit is the first event of its kind that’s 100% focused on developers building technologies for other developers.

Drawing on the ideas, experiences, and best practices of industry leaders, join us on July 15 for an event that will redefine the D2D experience.

The Interview: Three Clicks, Three Steps, and You’re Done

OAuth, the universal login protocol, was supposed to make life so easy — and now, thanks to, it does.

In the latest @sfbeta On Air interview, Webshell Co-Founder Mehdi Medjaoui tells the story of his life as a rising star in the open source startup universe.

With the power of a simple API, powers integration with over 100 Oauth providers. The process involves three lines of code, and takes about 90 seconds to complete, saving developers headaches, money, and most importantly — their sanity.

Built atop a major open source project, oauthd, relies on this open daemon, built from contributions of developers from across the world. The power of the daemon helps explain why more than 4000 apps already rely on, which streamlines and simplifies what can often be an unwieldy and cumbersome integration process.

Rather than embracing the defensive IP mentality of a proprietary thought regime, Mehdi sees open source as a core strategy to the success of his startup. While acknowledging a more guarded approach may yield better short-term results, Medhi believes that the long-term success of his company depends on the future of the web — and at, he’s jointly invested in both.

Watch the full interview on YouTube.

Codementor Introduces One-on-One Help for Frustrated DIY Programmers

There are better ways to enjoy your laptop.

There are better ways to enjoy your laptop.

Online programmer education is enjoying a renaissance, led in no small part by NYC-based CodeAcademy. But those struggling to learn codecraft on their own may often find themselves lost in a well-known quandary: #TWYGS — or, the Time When You Get Stuck.

Reported today in TechCrunch, Codementor, a new startup out of Seattle-based TechStars, extends a branch to those stuck on TWYGS. By introducing live video chat with experienced developers, along with side-by-side screens to pair program, Codementor offers aspiring developers the next step in online education.

The startup, founded by YCombinator alumni Weiting Liu, curated a pool of 500 experts from a field of over 2,500 candidates. Each expert was vetted, in part, on their profiles on LinkedIn, CodeAcademy, and Stack Overflow.

Codementor joins a competitive field of startups offering similar services, include AirPair and HackHands. Liu says the company hopes to distinguish itself with an incremental pricing model that begins at just $10 for a 15-minute lesson.

Dual-Platform App Strategies with Apportable

Using native code built for your iOS app, Apportable cross-compiles your code to Android, allowing app developers to embrase a dual-platform strategy based on Objective C. Guests include Co-Founder & CTO Ian Fisher, Engineer Adam Hunter, and Engineer Zac Bowling.

Learn more about Apportable

The Revolution Will Be Wearable

In anticipation of the largest wearable computing conference since Google I/O, we invited Kyle Ellicot, co-founder of Stained Glass Labs and Producer of the Glazed conference, to join us for an @sfbeta On Air panel with Kyle Samani, Founder of, and Peter Berger, founder of PeoplePlus.