With Unanimous Vote, Oregon Moves to Ban Patent Trolls

A bill passed today in the Oregon Senate would make the state the first of its kind in the nation to ban the practice of patent trolling. As reported by OregonLive:

Senate Bill 1540 would make patent trolling a violation of Oregon’s Unlawful Trade Practices Act. The bill would also allow an individual or business targeted by a patent troll to sue and recover attorneys’ fees.

Patent trolls are companies that buy often obscure patents and threaten lawsuits against hundreds or even thousands of people and businesses. The real aim is to get companies to fork over cash to make the troll go away. 

“We want to help and protect the small businesses who fuel our local economies,” said Sen. Jackie Winters, R-Salem, who sponsored the bill.

Accelerating Business Goals with Vidcaster

Vidcaster helps organizations and enterprises manage, measure, and optimize videos on their sites. We’re joined by Erik Koland and Ryan Kubin to talk about the company’s past, future, and how they help some amazing clients, including AirBNB and MIT. We also discuss the challenges, both technical and cultural, of selling to enterprises, verses SMBs.

Meet the Vidcaster team at #sfbeta :: Data & API Edition on October 1, 2013.

“Roadkill one and all.”

Maybe our cutomers will buy these again if we added a Facebook.

Maybe our cutomers will buy these again if we add a Facebook.

Citing Microsoft’s $9 billion acquisition of Nokia, Lead Systems Engineer at Climate Corporation, Nathan Mehl, comments via Facebook,

Mark it: _every_ single major player in the cell phone / mobile industry at the time of the iPhone’s introduction is now gone or on life support: Nokia, Motorola, Palm, RIM/Blackberry, Danger, HTC. Roadkill one and all.

One iPhone to rule them all…

Anne Ward: “If you’re not shareable on mobile, you’re not shareable period.”

Just as companies started wrapping their heads around the interwebs, the mobile web showed up, and changed everything.

“Whether or not you want yourself to be on mobile, your clients do,” says Anne Ward, Editor in Chief of Mobile FOMO, who joins us for our newest episode of @sfbeta On Air. Mobile FOMO a blog and media site that outlines trends, strategies, tips & tricks, and cutting-edge insight into the world of mobile metrics, marketing, and performance.

We discuss a number of topics, from the importance of a mobile-optimized landing page, to a Responsive wordpress theme, to the importance of collecting and measuring data. We mentioned a number of startups, including Kissmetrics, Appsocial.ly, and Retailigence.

Networking Beyond the Handshake

Networking is an invaluable process in the life of an aspiring professional or entrepreneur. Cesar Plata knows this better than anyone — he’s hosted networking events and seminars across the Bay Area for more than 14 years.

Speaking from the heart, Cesar shares his time-tested secrets on how to network successfully by build lasting, reciprocal, and enduring connections. From the first impression to the follow-up to the lifelong relationship, we discuss how to make the most of networking events, a process that begins by putting others first and helping them succeed.

Find out more about Cesar’s events — and a calendar of community business events — at his site, EveryCircle.