Bitcasa presenting CloudFS at D2D Summit


CloudFS is Bitcasa’s new paradigm of cloud platform, helping developers connect to the public cloud without having to worry about about server-side development or scaling.

From monitoring to architecting, connecting to the public cloud has numerous challenges. Bitcasa’s CloudFS solves these problems by providing an abstraction layer that mimics a dcfilesystem for each end-user. This is a perfect solution for front-end applications to act on.

Because developers can transparently own the CloudFS layer, there’s no need to surrender their customers to the actual provider.

It’s unarguably important for applications to own their cloud storage platform to lessen the potential dilution of their brand and analyze their customer behavior. Bitcasa’s CloudFS provides everything developers need in order to do just that.

We’re thrilled to welcome Bitcasa as a sponsor of the D2D Summit, and look forward to a presentation by Bharat Guruprakash, Director of Platform & Enterprise Products.



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