About #sfbeta
#sfbeta is San Francisco’s premier startup mixer. Launched in September 2006, we’ve brought together tens of thousands of founders, investors, technologists, and executives year after year. We produce quarterly events in San Francisco, along with one event per year in New York City and Boston.

Each #sfbeta features a different theme, focused on an emerging sector within the technology industry. Themes have ranged widely, from Search & Discovery to Food & Wine, from Big Data to Open Source to Social Media. With each theme, we curate a new group of startups and sponsors to participate, who are joined by hundreds of attendees, representing a mix of brand-new participants and long-time regulars.

#sfbeta is an open, decentralized, presentation-free event, focused on socializing, conversing, and networking. We call it “pitches and pints without the PowerPoint.” Startups and sponsors exhibit at tables around the venue, throughout the night.

Come drink, connect, socialize, meet new startups, make new friends, jump into spirited discussions, and expand and strengthen your network. At #sfbeta, it’s all possible in a single evening, providing a chance, in the words of William Gibson, to “dream in public.”

#sfbeta is led by Founder & Executive Producer Christian Perry, who started the event at age 22, within a month of his moving to San Francisco. It’s gone strong ever since (and, curiously, he has continued to look 22 ever since), thanks to his own efforts alongside the contributions and support of many wonderful people. #sfbeta is currently produced by a close-knit, four-person team:

Christian Perry
Founder & Executive Producer
Michael Gold
Producer & East Coast Ambassador
Dellaena Maliszewski
Managing Producer
Chuka Chase
Ninja in Residence

Friends & Alumni
Beyond our immediate team, #sfbeta is powered by an amazing network of friends, collaborators, and partners, both currently and throughout our history, who each deserve credit for their role in making the event, and the company, what it is today.

Geoff DomorackiGeoff Domoracki is the Founder & CEO of Data 2.0 Inc, San Francisco’s leading producer of data-themed events. Current productions include DataWeek, Data 2.0 Summit, DeveloperWeek, and API World. #sfbeta is a long-time partner with Data 2.0 and collaborates with the company on a regular and ongoing basis.

Cassandra PhillippsCassandra Phillipps is the Founder & Executive Producer of FailCon, the perenially sold-out conference that helps startups embrace failure and succeed through others’ mistakes. Cass runs the wildly popular WebWallflower mailing list and event calendar, and works as a game designer at social startup PocketGems. Cass was a co-producer of #sfbeta from 2006 to 2008, and regularly promotes and attends events to this day.

Krystyl BaldwinKrystyl Baldwin is a social media pioneer, internet personality, fashion model, and event producer, along with Marketing Coordinator for PluralSight. Krystyl ran #sfbeta’s event operations for a number of years while managing and growing its social media presence through Twitter. Now based in Utah, she’s working on building a vibrant startup ecosystem in the greater Salt Lake City area.

Tim FallsTim Falls is the Founder & Co-Producer of Boulder Beta. Tim served as an advisor to Beta Ltd. (#sfbeta’s parent company) from 2010 through 2012, helping the company expand to seven cities, from Dublin to Sao Paulo. Directing community operations for email startup SendGrid by day, Tim now runs Boulder Beta an as independent production with co-producer Nick Wyman.

Kara MorrisKara Morris helped launch #sfbeta’s presence in Boston, co-producing more than a dozen mixers, panels, and talks. Under the brand Boston Beta, Kara helped turn Boston’s startup community into the vibrant ecosystem it is today. Boston Beta returns to New England in fall 2013, under a rebranded title, #sfbeta :: The Boston Launch Party.

Daniel LiebermanDaniel Lieberman has attended #sfbeta since its launch in September, 2006. He’s the Founder & CEO of BitPusher, a San-Francisco-based IT service company focused on infrastructure scalability. Daniel was co-producer of Seattle Beta, a year-long series of #sfbeta-inspired mixers that ran from Fall 2011 through Summer 2012. He continues to be a close friend, informal advisor, and regular attendee, as he has been since the start.

Sarah NovotnySarah Novotny is the CIO of Meteor Entertainment and Program Chair at OSCON, O’Reilly’s annual open-source conference. Based in Seattle, Sarah was co-producer of Seattle Beta alongside Daniel, and continues to be an active force in Seattle’s fast-growing startup community.

Staci PerkinsStaci Perkins helps bring people together through event production and community management. Staci is the founder of Catalyst Creativ and has worked as an event evangelist for EventBrite and TheAlley. Working alongside Michael Gold, she was co-producer of NY Beta, the NYC-based series of mixers closely tied to #sfbeta, which will return to Manhattan this fall in partnership with SocialWeek. Staci is currently based out of Las Vegas, NV.

Rob GarciaRob Garcia has joined #sfbeta twice as a Guest Producer, helping shape and curate two of the event’s most successful productions: Future of Work Edition, and Financial Innovation Edition. Rob is a thought-leader in HR, a frequent speaker at events, and an advisor to 500 Startups. He’s a product executive at RiseSmart and co-host of the Social Talent Show.


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